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eco-friendly paint

DK-SEAL: Innovation in finishes

The Canadian climate subjects shopping carts to the worst weather conditions. Corrosion impairs their operation and gives them a neglected appearance that fails to inspire customer confidence. With DK-SEAL, Drakkar offers a more effective solution than traditional finishes, without polluting phosphate-based products.

A local idea that meets local needs

Our research and partnership with a world leader in coating and painting solutions has allowed us to develop a revolutionary finishing process: DK-SEAL. Factory-applied in Canada, in a controlled environment, our finish is specifically tailored to the needs of Canadian retailers. DK-SEAL offers unrivalled durability for shopping carts, while complying with the highest environmental standards.

A 5-step process

1. Zirconium pre-treatment

2. Infrared drying

3. DK-SEAL HD thermoset coating

4. DK-SEAL SLIP antifriction coating

5. High-temperature baking

Triple layer for outstanding performance


Corrosion-resistant and durable, zirconium avoids the use of pollutants associated with phosphate-based paints and wastewater production.


Polyester-based thermosetting powder coating forms a physical barrier against the elements and prevents contact between metal and moisture in the air.


Based on polyester and Teflon with a low coefficient of friction, our patented finish protects against water, humidity, salt, UV rays and extreme temperatures, and ensures easy slip-on of Drakkar carts.

Tested to last

Over 1,000 hours of testing to ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) standards have been carried out. The results demonstrate DK-SEAL’s unrivalled effectiveness in making shopping carts last.


Degree of rusting on powder-coated steel surface
No deterioration after 1021 hours

ASTM D714-5

Development of bubbles on painting
No deterioration after 1021 hours
ASTM 1654-8
Testing signs of corrosion, blisters and other failures
No deterioration after 1021 hours

We’re here to support you

Drakkar has been a leader in innovation for 25 years. We go the extra mile to offer better products that meet our customers’ exact needs. The sustainable and environmentally-friendly DK-SEAL finishing process is available on most of our models.

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