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the smart
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AI optomized carts

Retail is evolving, and online competition is becoming increasingly fierce. To make the most of their spaces and compete with low web prices, retailers are turning to technology and artificial intelligence. The result? The connected shopping cart is poised to revolutionize the shopping experience.

Cutting edge technology

Designed to enhance both the consumer and retailer experience, our connected shopping carts feature a camera and touch screen. These devices identify products and calculate the total price automatically when they are placed in the cart. The inventory database is also updated in real time. Our technologies are removable and can be installed right on the handles of carts and baskets. It’s time to transform your traditional fleet into a connected one.

Benefits of the connected cart

Consummer benefits

While shopping, consumers can receive personalized offers (in compliance with privacy regulations) and stay informed of the total value of their basket. At the checkout, wait time is reduced, if not eliminated, by automated billing and access to direct payment.

Retailer benefits

By auto-detecting products placed in the cart, connected systems reduce shoplifting. Inventory is simplified and staffing requirements are reduced at checkout. Collecting footfall data improves customer service and stock management. Advertising space sales and a 16% increase in the average shopping basket deliver rapid ROI.

Expert, 360°, turnkey support

In partnership with several world leaders of connected shopping carts, Drakkar offers a simple yet comprehensive solution. We enable companies to create an omnichannel experience that integrates e-commerce and automatic payment with traditional purchasing methods. From assessing needs and budgets, to planning and implementing the system, our unique expertise in Canada enables us to offer comprehensive support and an efficient transition.

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