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drakkar international

Unrivalled expertise and unparalled product offer

We are Drakkar, and we’ve been listening to market trends and retailers for over 25 years. Our know-how makes us the Canadian leader in shopping carts. Our commitment: to offer top-quality solutions that meet our customers’ present and future needs.

Shopping, managing and handling

In addition to a full range of metal and plastic shopping carts and baskets, we offer specialized solutions designed for single-product handling, warehousing and on-line ordering. All of our products feature unique functionalities that are specifically adapted to your industry’s realities and challenges.

An eco-friendly finish for longer-lasting carts

Drakkar carts are finished with DK-SEAL, a unique and revolutionary paint process developed in Canada for our local climate. Not only does DK-SEAL ensure that our carts are easy to maintain and offer unrivalled durability, it also contains zero pollutants and complies with the highest environmental standards.

Supplying local businesses with local products

Deprived of a local shopping cart manufacturer for over 15 years, retailers can now count on Drakkar to avoid the quality and supply problems associated with foreign suppliers. Finishing and several assembly steps are already carried out in our plant, and we are in the process of moving over the entire manufacturing process. We are proud to say that we will soon be offering 100% Canadian shopping carts.

The smarts behind connected carts

Since our founding, our innovative approach has enabled us to develop cutting-edge products designed to evolve with the needs of the industry. Today, we offer a complete selection connected carts. By speeding up checkout and automating inventory management, our technologies enhance the consumer experience and deliver numerous benefits to retailers.

Our reputation is built on service

Drakkar offers multidisciplinary expertise. Always attentive to your needs, we are there to guide you in the purchase of your carts, but we can also advise you on optimizing your management and handling systems and propose innovative solutions for warehousing your merchandise and filling your shelves.

Contact us for expert advice and to find your best solution.