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Rethink Your Processes for Maximum Efficiency

For most retailers, storage and warehousing issues are both inhibiting and costly to their business. Warehousing poses visibility and management challenges. The majority of the available solutions can also cause problems with inventory turnover and can lead to lost sales when not optimally configured. What’s more, personnel are often underqualified, handling carts are out-of-date and management processes have not been updated in the last 20 years. Each and every stage, from delivery to stocking shelves, can cause significant losses of time and money for any retailer.

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A cost-effective approach to warehousing and inventory management

Rather than regarding the receipt of merchandise, warehousing, and stocking shelves as separate steps, Drakkar International uses a streamlined and fluid process for moving inventory. Based on the idea of One-Stop Maintenance, merchandise is stocked on mobile storage cart and shelves are restocked zone-by-zone, instead of exception-by-exception. This new approach aims to better manage those “final 100 meters” of the merchandise process through the use of the very latest retail unit management system. In-depth studies prove time savings and increased sales make this system profitable within a few short months.

Drakkar possesses vast expertise in marketing and management and consistently improved its approach by working closely with retailers for over a decade.

A Three-Step Process for Your Final 100 Meters

To optimize product handling processes from their arrival to their placement on shelves and ready to sell, an easy three-step process can fluidly circulate products, from reception (in boxes or by container), to existing inventory (storage) and on the shelves (in view).


Products are removed from their boxes and placed directly on a mobile storage cart by zone or section.


Mobile storage carts are open on all four sides. The vehicles augment storage space and offer greater visibility for optimized inventory management.


Mobile storage cart are moved to the appropriate shelves, fully stocked with the products of a section or zone, making shelf replenishment easier and more efficient.

The benefits of better inventory management

Optimization of product handling

As they arrive, products are immediately placed on a mobile storage vehicle according to merchandise type, sales cycle and warehouse configuration.

Less Time Wasted

Easier and more efficient processes for stocking shelves means less time taken by employees charged with this task.

Greater Inventory Control

Mobile storage carts make it easy to view products from every angle. Items are placed according to their proposed destination, making inventory much easier.

Increased Sales

Shelves are more efficiently stocked and restocked with the right products at the right time, making for increased sales.

Rapid Return on Investment

Saving time and increasing sales means a rapid return on your investment, often in the first few months of use.

Complete Service from Evaluation to Installation

Drakkar International can help you at every stage of the optimization of your single product managment and warehousing system. The typical steps toward the realization of your project are :

  • Meet with our professionals to determine your unique needs
  • Evaluation of your current space and process, from warehouse to in-store point of sale
  • Making a new plan for warehousing and optimization of existing processes
  • Suggestions for carts, trolleys and baskets according to your needs
  • Delivery and installation of new systems
  • Monitoring and optimization in the months following installation

Trust the Drakkar expertise for the storage and handling of your goods.