About Us

Drakkar International specializes in storage system and material handling equipment.

We also offer a wide range of shopping cart and shopping trolley for all your needs.

Drakkar International has only one purpose: to create wealth for its customers.

We offer quality shopping carts and shopping baskets, transportation and handling carts, at a good price with outstanding service. We are committed to excellence and to your ultimate satisfaction. Our team, our products and the continuous improvement of our processes is the basis of this commitment.

About Us

Founded in 1998, our mission is to help manufacturing companies export their products and services. Drakkar International has developed several markets in the United States, Mexico and China.

In 2003, manufacturers began asking us to import goods for them to reduce their production costs and thus make their supplies more strategic. Drakkar International has established an international team to better identify and qualify suppliers in different countries and thus ensure the quality of manufactured products.

In 2006, retailers were becoming concerned about reducing their purchasing costs for handling equipment and more particularly for shopping trolleys and hand baskets. So, after many years with the same group of equipment manufacturers, we can now offer you the possibility of connecting you with our company suppliers at the right price.

Our Team

Our team of strategic partners, works together to ensure that the grocery carts, shopping trolleys and hand baskets we offer are of high quality, delivered on time and perform consistently in our clients’ unique environments.

From our president, who holds an MBA from HEC Montreal, to our strategic partners who repair, clean and maintain the various components of shopping carts, we all have a common commitment to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Our Products

Drakkar International offers a wide selection of shopping cart and grocery carts used in food industry. You will find, among other things, hand basket, foldable cart, child cart and motorized cart adapted for disabled people. We also have everything you need for the warehouse management systems. Our utility cart, and storage cart will certainly meet your needs.

The dimensions correspond to those found in the Canadian market and carts can easily be nested into your current fleet, eliminating the need to buy an entire fleet of new shopping trolleys.

All Markets

We cater to food retailers, convenience stores, major department stores, drug stores, hardware stores or any business in which customers need shopping baskets to carry their purchases. We deliver what they need !

Get a personalized shopping cart that reflects your business while improving your customer experience.

Give them the best shopping cart!

Continuous improvement of processes

Drakkar International’s products are made in different factories where quality control is part of a whole process of continuous improvement so that the result consolidates our competitive advantage. Our strategic partners confirm the importance of quality as an added value to our business process.

Our customer service is part of the continuous improvement process. We work close to our customers to keep the right inventory on hand so they can get their products at the right time.

With our team, our strategic partners, our products and continuous process improvement, we are confident that we will be able to respond effectively to requests for grocery baskets, shopping carts and accessories.

On the other hand, we are aware that our people must continue to learn, that our product range must continue to evolve and grow and that our business process must always be questioned so that our success is shared with that of our clients. We at Drakkar International are committed to meeting the needs of current retailers with our shopping baskets and trolleys and are also committed to meeting the future needs of our customers.

Our Services

Thanks to our strategic alliances, we also offer cleaning, maintenance and repair of your carts. The refurbishment includes refreshing the paint, installing new wheels and plastic accessories. You can also personalize your carts by choosing the paint color of your choice and identifying it with your company name. We also offer the rental of baskets and trolleys for special events.

Looking forward to serving you !

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